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  1. best video yet. Though I would say about hearing the ambo coz they could be diverted at the last minute,. But otherwise ace!

    1. All the probably won’t be divided from a cat 1 but sirens can travel far and it might not be for you. Also could be police or fire.

  2. My mom has the same reaction to bee stings, once, she had a reaction when she was alone with me, so I had to call a neighbor to help us.

  3. I have anxiety and panic attacks and flashbacks PTSD because of my past and I have two panic attacks everyday at school and one at home ones a d a y

    1. Hey Holly. I’m sure that’s rough to go through and I’m sorry to hear it. It’s been a few months since you posted this comment but I want to check in. Are you still having the panic attacks? I used to get them too. Found that the two main treatments for my anxiety are 1- talking to somebody I’m with about how I feel or calling my dad & 2- focusing on my breath. When the anxiety takes ahold I repeat to myself “I am safe. I am still breathing.”

  4. woman:I’ve been stung by a bee
    Woman’s dad: I better call 999 or 112
    Frame’s pest control bee: I’ll call for an ambulance for you guys and destroy the hive or nest.me sup frame’s pest control bee my best buddy 4 lyfe
    Frame’s pest control bee: just killed a bunch of stinging pests

  5. I suffer from anaphylaxis from wasp nuts fish chocolate and some medication.i can only describe these attacks as really really thrightening mine start of feeling tingly and itchy and an awful feeling of dread then everything starts quickening up my tounge start to swell.have difficulty breathin have the urge to scratch all over then I go shivery it happens so quickly I inject my epi pen and wait for an ambulance I can remember being put in the recovery position and waking up in hospital.now I have to be extremely wary of what I eat and touch I take a high dose of anti histamines at night with two steroid inhalers.all the best to everyone who suffering from this awful condition be brave and stay strong xxx

  6. Special appreciation to Dr ALUDA on YouTube for curing my Hepatitis B with his herbal medication..

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